Wed sept 11

9.40am dpw worker in black truck, or maybe it was the schools red emblem on side older man from what I can tell, saluted me. They’re in the schools….this has to be stopped but how? No one but my friends listen. Idk if they believe me sometimes. 

9.49am Heard some sounds, hears them earlier too. 

2.30 pm driving down frt spotted grey truck green driving it, opposite side. Wearing orange shirt and dark green cap. Maybe his boss hat? I believe it’s dark green with tan lettering. He looked himself, nothing unusual in appearance this time. 

Went to outskirts of big city, was not followed there. Very disappointed. this  happened last time too only I did spot a truck making very odd turn behind me then and I believe it was green.

Did see a 3 vehicle parade, just had a feeling the work truck with a bucket on it, was theirs. He turned onto street after freeway as I crossed over, white truck that was behind me couldnt figure if hes one of them or not followed the bucket then another,  small white truck that looks familiar also followed. Few seconds later a small grey car also went pretty quickly in pursuit, coming off service drive. However, road works being done, whose to know for sure. Noting because to me it looked kind of suspicious. All those vehicles down a side street at once. 

Hard time sleeping. Couphing periodically,  how this happen same time  I see heart doc. My throat feels like it hasn’t closed all night. Long time ago he said he did  that to me….

A little bile in my throat. Very thick phlegm. 

Garlic on cross and medal. 

Left thigh cramped this morning, same as right yesterday. Both knees are burning and feel raw. 

Left knee is cramping and very painful. 

Nose hurts. He either smothered me or hit me in my nose. 

Eyes hurt and watering. I’m not even out of bed yet all this is happened. 

Torso painful. Feels like I were hit all around and in back too. One would think organs would enlarge, something odd would show in ultrasound I got in Nov or dec 2018 in er at the hospital.  

Feels like he did my feet again very painful to put them on the floor. 

Heads pounding.

Different odor on me. 

My glutes, the joints all in my backside including my back down to toes very painful. My knees feel raw it’s very painful. It feels like the bones beneath right kneecap were shaved. I know that didnt but it feels like. 

Since I’ve been up my entire right sides more painful.  My left foot on the outside feels raw about an hour after I’m awake left toes hurting. Hard to balance. I feel like my joints are a deck of cards, when I move wrong everything gives way I almost fell 3x already. 

My apron area feels raw around the folds of fat and skin. My hips hurt. Raw feeling around hips. Very hard to stand up thighs also very painful lower back very painful. Breasts have been hit. 

My face has been hit I have pain around my neck and jawline. 

Veins are large in legs and to the surface again. 


My bathrobe seems to have more oil on it and pocket threads have been pulled. My blanket also has oil. 

Cats are moving slow, just sitting and not moving much. 

Stomach area all around to back feels raw on the inside of the skin when I put a little pressure on it. 

Last night as almost every night I felt waves of something in my head, its drug he sprays.  At first I couldnt sleep, legs kicking and I said your going to kill me just like Marcia. I got up to smoke it was after 1 am and I was so tired, I didnt want to move but couldn’t sit still. It appears my bp isn’t high today even though I’m anxious. Difficulty breathing, whatever he did simulating cold symptoms with heavy phlegm I’m sneezing too. Maybe I do really have a cold idk. My head is beginning to throb 9.59am back of neck and head very painful now and ears ringing, they hurt too. 

10.43am ears feel full. 

Breasts very painful. Feels like I’m getting a mammogram. Now I know why the procedure hurt so much, he beats me regularly in the chest and they’ve always been tender.

Wrists also becoming very painful. Lord have mercy, he did every part of my body last night/this morning it seems. 

Memory not as good. 

Tmi-waste larger than normal, hard and painful to go. Back and stomach area especially on left side hurt. 

Midriff area red and some dark. Hurts to bend, feels raw or kind of burned. Hard to describe.
Other side. Doesn’t show as well but it hurts the same.
Depressions and raised areas that are bruised. Can’t really see the bruise on thigh but hopefully you see the swelling.
Pulled skin back because I saw a weird scar there. I didnt look at my back today. It hurts.
Better view of scar and red coloring. Looks like a face with long mouth across.
Other side. Just showing how the bruising goes all around. Also some odd scarring on my left thigh too. Hes really been marking my body everywhere. Guess he can do what he wants. Very few people believe me so he gets free reign.
Noticed my ankle bone looks flat with naked eye. Saw some marks so I photo.looks strange.

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