What cost to use this site?

Nothing, it’s 100% free!
If you like the site, you can make donations but it is entirely up to you šŸ™‚


I have not received activation email for my account.

Please check your junk mail. If you still don’t see it, contact us via contact form on contact page with your email address that you used to sign up. We will activate your account within 24 hours.


Missing profile pictures and missing data between Dec/24/2015 to Dec/25/2015.

Please see update notice page.


Privacy for my journal.

You will have an option to choose your each journal to be private or public.Ā The default setting in your personal diary is private but you can always change it by clicking the edit button on your Read page. This site is built on WordPress and private journals are protected by WP’s content visibility. This site does not have multiple editors or administrators.


Personal information.

GoodNightJournal.com only requires an email address and username (doesn’t have to be your real name but it’sĀ permanent)Ā to register. Additional information in the profile page are not required and entirely up to you to fill out.


Time on my journal is not my local time.

This site uses UTC timezone and I’m trying to find a way to convert that time to your local time. If you have any suggestions forĀ implementingĀ this function to the site please let me know! Time Zone Converter


Public Journal.

Saving your journal under public means other people will have access to read your journals on the Read Public Journal page. If you want to share your journal with others, then set your settings from private to public.

In Read Journal Page, it will only show the one latest journal entry from each user who has written at least one public journal. Clicking the username underneath the title of journal entry will show you all the journal entries from that user. (Effected on June/5/2015)


Favorite Authors.

It is a new feature available on GoodnightJournal.com from Dec/25/2015. This feature allows you to save all your favorite authors under your account My Account > Favorite Authors and you will have an easy access to your favorited authors pages.


My Page.

My Page can be found at My Account > My Page or you can type https://www.goodnightjournal.com/author/YOURUSERNAME on your web browser to access. This page will show all of your journal entries along with your account profile (Your profile picture, display name, bio and social media links if exist).

This page is your public profile page that can be accessed and shared by anyone. However, your private journal entries still be protected under your account. You will only see your private journals on this page once you logged into the site.

In order to have My page available for everyone, you need to have at least of public journal entry under your account. Otherwise, your public my page will say Nothing Found.


I have suggestions or comments on this website.

You can always contact me via contact page. The link for this page provided at the bottom of the website.