Update notice

Welcome to all new GoodnightJournal.com. I’m so excited to show you new GoodnightJournal.com 🙂 it is 3x faster then before, more secure and offers better user experience for writing and managing your personal journals.

I apology for the missing profile pictures and missing data between Dec/24/2015 to Dec/25/2015.

  • Please re-upload your profile picture on My Profile page. I had to move forward with new system and couldn’t get the old profile pictures work with it. Please send me an email at o@goodnightjournal.com if you really need your old profile picture. I will try my best to get your profile picture back.
  • Data missing from Dec/24/2015 to Dec/25/2015. It took me more than a day to configure new server to work properly and couldn’t get data backup between that time frame. Please send me an email at o@goodnightjournal.com if you notice any missing journal entries. I will try my best to get your content back.
  • Missing attachment images on your journals are still under your account. You can check them under your media library which can be accessed My Page > Write > Add Media (under Content), You will see a popup window for Insert Media, click Media Library tab to see all your image files. You can insert those images back to your journals from there.

I hope you like the new design on GoodnightJournal. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or comments you have for the site.

*Updated on Dec/26/2015